“Jazz Album of the Year”
at l’ADISQ 2020

Already ten years have passed since the Emie R Roussel Trio produced their first album. Time has gone by at a crazy pace, leading us in turn to make a stopover in the more classical world of the string quartet, unite in a single and indivisible core, and share our universe with inspired and inspiring musicians met where our influences and paths have crossed. Our music has also traveled, taking us on a journey to discover the beauty and aroma of wonderful places. The dawning of a new decade sees us inspired by all those moments and encounters as we begin a new chapter. That long journey over many years has shaped the identity of the trio. The music of this fifth album is like a conversation, in turn quiet or agitated, even passionate, a testament to our complicity and an important milestone in our collective history.

  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Piano & Keyboard
  • Nicolas Bédard: Double bass & electric Bass
  • Dominic Cloutier:  Drums


  • Emie Rioux-Roussel : Tracks 1-2-4-6-8
  • Nicolas Bédard : Tracks 3-5-7


  • Emie R Roussel Trio : Tracks 1-2-4-6-8
  • Nicolas Bédard : Tracks 3-5-7