UNI musiqc is a non-profit organization located in Québec, created by the Emie R Roussel Trio management team, who have acquired since 2010 a solid experience in the music industry, in Canada and abroad. UNI musiqc, it is the strength of unity in a team determined to pursue its mission of promoting and diffusing the music of passionate and experienced artists, in Quebec and internationally. In Japanese, “uni” means sea urchin, a marine animal living in waters around the world, with a strong presence in Quebec waters. Certain types, by their morphology, are recognized for moving continuously forward, while others adapt and readjust themselves to the drastic changes in their environment. Like this unique animal, UNI musiqc works in Canada and abroad with determination, passion, transparency and knowledge of the environment, proposing a model of fair management whose primary purpose is to promote art.

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